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Candle burning helps with removing bad luck, protection against evil spirits, love spells, and reuniting soul mates.

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The burning of candles for spiritual works goes back to ancient times.  Many spiritual workers believe that the flame of the candle pierces the veil between the physical and the spiritual world and creates a passageway that allows the prayers and petitions to be more readily received by those from whom help is being sought out.

Using candles for meditation allows you to remove negative energy that surrounds us and to connect with the spiritual world.


People typically use music, air, or other objects to focus the mind during meditation. Candles are used as a medium or a tool to focus the mind. Being able to focus on the candle flame helps make it easier for people to concentrate and keep their focus during meditation.

Since the candle's flame is something real and influenced by nature, it makes a perfect focal point for deep meditation. Meditation makes people able to hone sensitivity and able to express its wishes on others. Meditation candles also help the healing process for many people who are experiencing stress, insomnia, or mental problems such as low self-esteem and shame.

Meditation by candle flame will be able to help open the door of the heart of life because meditation teaches us to see not with eyes but with the heart. Meditation candles do not require people to empty their minds to concentrate, but only to focus their thoughts on the candle flame and relax their mind.


Candles are a vital tool when connecting with the spiritual world. They are used in many of my readings and meditation. Email me for an appointment or call Dallas Psychic at 571-484-2404.